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August 16, 2022

Rebranding: Things To Note If You Want To Redesign Your Personal Brand

If you’re entering new international areas where people won’t recognize your current logo, messaging, etc., you might need to update your brand. Because brands are created to connect businesses with their consumers, if you reposition your company to focus on a completely different customer profile through a change in product, location, pricing, or promotion, your brand will need to change along with it. Every choice you make, especially those involving your brand, should be guided by your company’s mission, vision, and values. However, rebranding should not be done in order to achieve any of the following. To end the boredom Too frequently, people who are tired of seeing the same logo and phrase every day consider a redesign.  Remember that your clients (who see your brand far less frequently) might like that defining hue you’ve grown to detest when you start to feel restless with it. For crisis management […]
August 9, 2020

How to Determine Your Values

Core values are deeply integrated beliefs that guides a person’s behavior. When we align our values, we feel authentic and become enthusiastic about life. Unfortunately, not […]