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How to Determine Your Values

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August 9, 2020
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Core values are deeply integrated beliefs that guides a person’s behavior. When we align our values, we feel authentic and become enthusiastic about life. Unfortunately, not a lot of young people have a grasp on their values and that is what the article focuses on teaching you. Values are unique to each person and are demonstrated differently through daily actions. Some values include, honesty, integrity, faith, courage, leadership, and many more. Here are simple ways in which you can build your values:

Find your Passion

The first step is knowing the things you are passionate about. Find out what sparks your interest in life. What things are you capable of doing without finding it difficult or seeing as a tedious task. These things come naturally to you. Finding your passion is the first thing you must do in order to trace your core values in life.

Understand your Talents

To be great at leadership or entrepreneurship, your talents magnify your propensity to succeed in a chosen career or life journey. Talents are what gets sharpened into viable skills. Understanding your gifts and talents prepares you towards your goals in life. Knowing your talent is also done by searching deep within yourself and identifying the things that come to you naturally such as sing or dancing. When you know this, you are able to set priorities and values against such gifts or talents. For instance, knowing that you write means building your integrity so that you do not write bad things for the lack of a better word. By so doing, you also learn to build your hardworking values for self mastery.

Know your value traits

Your core values project your value traits. These traits guide your decision to choose about four core values which you can align to. If you choose honesty, trust, endurance, and obedience as your core values, two of these will stand out are your main values while the four remain your core values. Knowing your value traits begins by knowing the things that you stand for such as courage and justice.

Align skills to values

Your skills portray your personality and so do your values. Aligning your skills with you values helps you to build you into a formidable personality. For instance, aligning say, hardwork and writing together means that you choose to be a hardworking writer, and vice versa.

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