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Top 5: Women Entrepreneurs In Ghana

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Men themselves have wondered what they see in me. They try so much but they can’t touch my inner mystery. When I try to show them, they say they still can’t see. -Maya Angelou

As we celebrate women’s month in March, I have dedicated this series of ‘Top 5’ of the most outstanding women in various sectors to prove to every woman that it is possible. No amount of disappointments and inequality can stop a woman who is dedicated to achieving success. Ghanaian women are mostly known for their entrepreneurial prowess and that is why this article is dedicated to five of such enterprising women. Here are five women entrepreneurs to consider in Ghana.

Ellen Hagan

The CEO of L’aine Services Limited and Co-founder of Legacy Girl’s College, Dr Mrs Ellen Hagan is is a human resource practitioner with over 25 years of experience. Her love for human development has led her to establish her company as a household name in the Ghanaian human resource and recruitment sector. She is all for women and girls empowerment and continues to support this drive by offering her services to the all female secondary school which she co-founds. Dr Mrs Hagan also does public speaking and has spoken at several conferences and summit on topics around talent acquisition and skills development. She has also authored books titled, Soft Skills; What Gives One Jobseeker An Edge Over AnotherAll about Job Interviews and Why are you Here.

Grace Amey-Obeng

The Founder of Forever Clair Group of companies is next on our list and she is no alien in the Ghanaian business front. The beauty specialist also runs the FC Beauty College where she trains young women on how to beauty hair, and skin treatment. The school has been running for over twenty years and is still thriving. Mrs Grace Amey-Obeng started her business on a small scale and has gone ahead to expand into what we all know today. Some of the products she has introduced into the beauty and cosmetics industry in Ghana are, Forever Clair Skin Tone lotion, Forever Clair Blemish Control Lotion, Forever Clair Wash and Cleanse, Forever Clair Acne Control Gel, Forever Clair Exfoliating Toner, and many more.

Israella Kafui Mansu

The CEO and founder of MGL Naturals who doubles as an awarfd winning businesswoman is no other person than Israella Kafui Mansu. She started her company with just three hundred Ghana cedis she had saved during her National Service. With two main mission for starting her business, Israella launched out to thrive and make money as well as to create job opportunities for young people. Today she boasts of different branches and retail outlets in the country. She has all her products in some of the major supermarkets in Ghana. She believes that her story is one of a grass to grace one and therefore uses it to motivate the youth especially, young women out there who are clueless about their career path or destination. Her story also teaches us that no amount of resources is little to start out in business.

Theresa Oppong-Beeko

All hail our CEO of Manet Group which comprises of Manet Housing, Manet Paradise Manet Towers and Manet Construction. Dr Mrs Theresa Oppong-Beeko also doubles as a board member of the AI Energy Group where she puts her expertise in civil engineering to bear. Facing the challenges in such a male dominated industry on a daily basis is what sets Mrs Oppong-Beeko apart and her company is known to be one of the best on the real estate market.

Kate Quartey-Papafio

Founder and Executive Director of Reroy Cables Limited and an audacious industrialist like Mrs Kate Quartey-Papafio is every woman’s ideal super woman. Her NGO, the Boamah Foundation, is one of the ways she offers assistance to the aged in our community. Besides her busy life, Mrs Quartey-Papafio uses her expertise to offer guidance and assistance to young women students and entrepreneurs alike to take up leadership, governance and entrepreneurial positions for greater representation of women in these sectors.

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