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Blogger’s Chest: Enroute B/A

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Blogger’s Chest: Enroute B/A

Took a long break from here and I apologize. Had a funeral in my hometown which took a lot of my attention. Of course, I am not the organizer or anything but this man was a great person in the family. He influenced the family and community in so many ways, I even learnt he was part of the few rich people in the community. You can imagine. And as custom will have it, everyone must attend a family funeral at least once in the lifetime (just kidding).

It’s been ages I visited the hometown so I guess this was the perfect time and perhaps year to go back home. The faces of the older folks, the changes I witnessed, the hugs and handshakes, the reminiscing of old times, meeting new and old cousins. What a mixture of feelings and emotions it was?

Enter the township. Dormaa Presby Clinic, Dormaa SHS, Dormaa Presby, Market square. Things have changed since I last visited. The motorcycles have been replaced with ‘Pragya’. These are yellow mini-cycle vehicles which can carry four people unlike the motorcycles. I think it is less energy consuming too. A short trip costs GHC2.50p unlike Accra where short trips are between GHC15-GHC20.

The trip took 10hours by bus. I think the stops on the way were too many. I slept halfway though. I’m told the night trips are the best.

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