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Blogger’s Chest: Borgas In Town

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December 7, 2022
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Blogger’s Chest: Borgas In Town

Hello! Hello! You’ve missed my posts. Haven’t you? December means Christmas and Christmas means festivities and celebrations. My fellow Ghanaians know exactly how it is done. You have to party hard and position yourself where all the celebrations are happening. People have really budgeted for the holidays and you don’t want to be left out. December in Ghana also means one thing. The borgas will land bigly!

I learnt that the word Borga was coined from the early day immigrants who settled in Germany. The hamburger snack was something much talked about among them when they returned home but the pronunciation was distorted. This left us with the word ‘Borga’. To this day, Ghanaians refer to people who have travelled abroad as Borga.

By the way, I’m open for further clarification on the origin of the word. How true is this story? Let me know in the comments section.

Anyway, so I saw a TikTok video of a lady trying to advice the Ghanaian young ladies to stay away from these Borgas because most have wives and girlfriends abroad. She added that these Borgas will only use the ladies and leave them with $100. You know what? Someone made a reaction video saying that amount is better than free. Wow! People can be ridiculous.

Jokes aside, my fellow Ghanaians, especially the females, want to ‘Japa’, and so at this moment, no amount of advice will suffice. It is only care that needs to be taken. Ladies and gentlemen have already booked their spots as tour guides and whatnot in order to have a slice of the dollars and pounds sterling. You say wetin?

All the same, I hope you take care of yourself out there because times are hard and you might end up becoming somebody’s budgeted budget. And if you don’t want any further haircuts, I advise you keep your head under cover. Ok bye!

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