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Blogger’s Chest: Money Swine

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December 7, 2022
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Blogger’s Chest: Money Swine

Greetings my people. How are we? I’m optimistic that everyone is fine. My dear readers, when God blesses you with a new age it is good. Also, when God blesses you with riches and wealth be grateful and live happily. My friends, many have tasted wealth and many have tasted the opposite, but if you have to choose please choose money. May God punish poverty!

The things I have observed over the past few days tells a lot about the rich and bourgeoisie in our beloved country, which I believe expands to all other parts of the world. The rich are not all over the place. They are fine and classy. They match their worth. They do not display wealth just anywhere and anyhow. They don’t have time for petty talk. They are not easily accessible. I could go on and on but you know where I am going with this right?

I recently went out for a little birthday celebration in one of the finest places in Accra. To think that it was a weekday and that nobody will be out must have been my wildest imagination. People were out spending money like nobody’s business. People were meeting with other folks and eating and drinking. To put it in a better context, they were wining and dining.

Dear colleagues, let’s work hard and make money. Money is nice. Money exposes you to more money. Money gives you access. I bet you knew this already.

Find time to visit new places this holiday season and observe things for yourself. Wear your thrift clothes if you must, spray some perfume on them, enter into your self abundance energy and step out. Smile more, chest out, forget your pocket and go to town. This Christmas show out and show up. Nice things are happening around you. Good tides are in the atmosphere. Go catch some good vibes because problem won’t finish.

I just cannot put into writing what finesse can do to you. Your eyes and heart just pop. You mind calms down. Your soul rejoices just by being in a new place with good memories. I can’t explain to you. All I can say for now is, “Money swine”! Go get some.

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