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Blogger’s Chest: Wizkid Why?

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Blogger’s Chest: Wizkid Why?

How I got convinced to go to the Wizkid Live concert on Saturday is what I am still brooding over. Who even sent me there? I blame my friends for dragging me out of bed to go see a concert in the name of birthday enjoyment. I had to jump out of my bed and get ready to go see Africa’s music star, Wizkid and other artistes perform. I didn’t even know up to three of his songs but why not?

The number of people at the entrance at about 7pm when the show was supposed to start was discouraging. The people at the gate were hesitant to go in at that time because, according to them, the show may probably start at about 10pm so they were hanging around for sometime. Some just didn’t have their tickets ready and were hoping to get a free pass at some point in time.

Those who had tickets and were ready to go inside also joined the queue to show their tickets at the gate. Ours was a quick check although others were complaining of not knowing which side to show their tickets. Some of the ticket points were for Regular while others were for VIP and Gold Circles. The confusion was for you to figure out which booth was for what.

We finally got in. That was when I got my first sign. The sole of my sandals came off. I still did not listen to my intuition. I walked on the remaining part of the sandals as it was late and the missing sole wasn’t so visible.

We got some drinks and sat on the seats which was supposed to be for Regular ticket holders. VIP’s were supposed to be standing right close to the stage which was ridiculous to me because why pay for VIP and stand? You could just sit and watch from the screens or?

Fast forward, every artiste on bill came to perform their 15 minutes act and left except for R2bees and King Promise. We were left to listen to repeated songs from the DJ who kept asking if we were ready for Wizkid. “No we were not”! What question was that? Lol.

By 3am people had found a place to sit, eat, sleep, and wait. Was Wizkid coming from the skies like Okomfo Anokye? Or he was pulling a huge surprise on us and we just needed to be patient enough to see it. The screens were not even working properly. How were we supposed to see what’s happening on the stage which was far from the seats.

At this point my friends and I were giving up. Should we just go home or we should wait a little bit. By 4am everybody was just leaving and word had it that we had been abandoned by Wizkid. He was not going to show up neither would he perform. I should have just slept. Wizkid why?

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