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LinkedIn: A Recruiter Viewed Your Profile But What Does It Mean?

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LinkedIn: A Recruiter Viewed Your Profile But What Does It Mean?

Getting many “views” and no messages or requests? It’s actually a little annoying. “Can they just say what they are looking for rather than just look, notify me, then vanish without a word?”, you may wonder. Perhaps it’s about time you updated to LinkedIn premium?

Most of the time it’s just a view unfortunately with no action being taken.

It may also be time to make your dream come true. Take action! Click through to the recruiter’s profile. Like their most recent post. Press “Connect” and then “Add note”.

Your message should be simple, for instance:

I saw that you recently viewed my profile, thanks for stopping by! I am currently open to new opportunities in my field and would love to learn of any relevant positions you are looking to fill. If you are interested, I would like to connect and discuss it further with you.

It also means you are doing great with what is currently on your profile.

Visit the “Careers” page and see if they’re currently hiring for any positions that align with your experience. If so, pull your materials together and apply.

Then, head back to that person’s profile and send a personalized connection request.

At the core, it means that there is a possibility the recruiter is interested in your qualifications. Big opportunity to start a conversation like:

Hello Recruiter,

I noticed you viewed my profile; I would love to have a conversation about the said company. I have always admired said company’s culture and approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please let me know if you have time for a quick chat; I’m interested in learning more about the company’s culture.

Best Regards,

Credit: LinkedIn

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