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April 8, 2021
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Why Is Efia Odo Trending?

Ghanaian media personality and actress, Efia Odo, is trending on Twitter after making a post that sought to advice married men to dress up their wives to fit the side-chick models that they usually cheat on their women with. The screen goddess seems to have won the hearts of many for making such a bold statement.

It’s Friday ladies and gentlemen. We tune off and tune in after a long week, right? As for me, I logged on to Twitter as usual and boom! Efia Odo is trending. So I go through the feed and find out that our sister is being showered love all around. Wow!

Apparently, the diva, Efia, has said something that most of her fans was not expecting to come from her.

She made this tweet yesterday as seen below:

This tweet has got her fans singing praises to her all through yesterday and today. Ghanaians are interesting. Isn’t she the same lady you people keep vilifying? Well, all good for Efia Odo this time around, although she never seems bothered about the constant criticisms.

Some fans however took the opportunity to know her better as one of them typed, “Asking out of Curiosity, Efia Odo, what is her role in the Ghana Media space or Entertainment Industry?? Like I only know her for posting suggestive pics n boys gnashing over the pics. Is she into acting movies, music, dancing, journalism?”

Sister Efia replied saying, “I make people feel good that’s all that matters. Lol but nah I’ve done a few movies I used to be a presenter for Kwese Tv and now I’m working on a few shows that will b out this summer/fall on major platforms.”

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