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September 22, 2022
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November 7, 2022
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Oh Soja! Never Die

Black Sherif! Black Sherif! Black Sherif! Oh Soja! You gained a new follower on Twitter.

Come on guys, we have to give it to the young man. We need to protect our own. Appreciate what is ours, and stop this thing we do to young creatives. Creativity, Storytelling, Relatability, Authenticity, give me the words. Bra Sherif, I doff my hat for you. Well done on your consistency. I enjoy this particular track because I can relate with the words. It even sparked a fire in me to pray for your craft. Thanks for speaking the mind of many young people in our world today.

Your anxiety, inferiority, what what nu, please don’t let it kill you. We all go through it but some hide it so well. We are all so capable but the things that weigh us down are many. There is also imposter syndrome which makes you feel like you are doing nothing when in fact you are doing the best you can. Thanks for sharing and for being vulnerable. That’s what creativity is all about.

Oh Soja! You made this young woman pray for all warriors, brave hearts, leaders, and pioneers around the world at this time as I scribble down these words. And you know the battle cry song? It’s Soja by Black Sherif on repeat.

Thanks for blessing us with another banger. Don’t let them get to you so you leave us like Ebony, BonChaka, or Suzzy did. Follow the leaders in the game closely and slowly.

Long live Soja. Long live Black Sherif!

I just thought I should pen this down so you and all your fans know you got a new follower. I have been enjoying your tracks but this particular one really spoke to me. I am so proud of your craft. Stand and beat your chest!

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