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September 26, 2022
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November 8, 2022
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Nobody has it easy and so does content creators. Hello there! I’m back like it was yesterday. Life took a better hold of me and I know my readers miss me. I took a little break just to focus on real life situations and although I’m not done with that yet, I decided to bring you refreshing content like Asaana and Pito.

This series will focus on cyber bullying and how the world of social media comes with its own challenges.

Let me share a back story with you all. I actively joined social media in 2012 so you can call me a late bloomer. I was just not so enthused with everyone joining Facebook. However months into joining, I created a group called “Real Talk, Who’s In?“

That’s how I knew I had the capabilities of organizing people to discuss their heartfelt issues of which no one was ready to listen to. We discussed relationship, lifestyle, money, and whatnot. Shouts to members of that Facebook group. Those were fun times indeed.

Fast forward, I saw Facebook as the platform where one could hide behind their screens and share their thoughts with the world. What I later on discovered to be microblogging. Mark Zuckerberg had a way of making you feel guilty by asking you to share, “What’s on your mind?”.

However, years into joining social media, I would later on discover that sharing your thoughts and opinion on the platform comes with is own challenges. Not everyone will share in your thoughts or agree with your opinion. Some will agree to disagree while others will form their own perception about you.

It’s social media for a reason. Social meaning it’s a society and media meaning it’s an avenue for sharing information.

Altogether, like any society there are miscreants who always like to make it unbearable to thrive in. I hope this series gets the impact it requires and that someone out there can be bold enough to speak up and defend themselves when faced with the issue of cyberbullying in their quest to share relevant content on the internet.

In the next episodes that follow, I’ll tackle how I have been handling hate comments and cold reactions on the internet as a blogger and an advocate for women’s career advancement.

Stick and stay!

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