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Content Creation 101: Be Consistent

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September 22, 2022
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Content Creation 101: Be Consistent

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the series. I’m really proud of you for committing to improving your skills and learning new things. Keep it up! As you may have read in the previous post, this is the final episode of my content creation series. We have explored various stages of my content creation process: finding a muse, practicing observation, planning, co-creating, digital tools, content marketing, scheduling, niche market, and right audiences. This final part of the series is about staying consistent and committed to the process.


There are many opportunities available for content creators who provide consistent content. Either you chose to go organic or you choose paid content, your consistency matters if brands will want to partner and collaborate with you on projects.


The timeliness of your content adds value to your creation. Your content should matter in a weeks or months time. It should be relevant from the day you publish till the time when you’re no more. Something that happened last year or two is not timely and may not drum home the message that you want with your content.


I hope you’re following trends and ready to give your audience the best in trends. You can spice up your content once in a while with content related to the current trends. Ever heard someone say, “Keep me posted”? Yes, that is what you need to do for your audience. Keep them posted on what’s trending and share your perspective on relatable topics. That way, your followers are not left behind.


Some content lose their impact after the event it focuses on has taken place. You need to keep your audience updated. I wish I had taken this advice earlier and that is why I am making a conscious effort to keep posting even when I don’t feel like it. It can come at a huge cost, I won’t lie. But eventually it pays off. When your followers notice the consistency, they also feel satisfied and can show up for you when you badly need support in any form. I guess that is their own way of saying “Thank you”.

Don’t quit

Always remember that consistency is more important than perfection. You have to keep showing up for the audience that you have built overtime. That is how you keep building more followers and audiences. Some people quit after they have mastered the art and are ready to transition into something bigger. Others hold on because they have become fond of the craft. Whichever side you pick, make sure you carry the journey of content creation into whatever you do. Thanks for coming to my Ted-blog!

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  1. Kofi Asiedu says:

    Great piece. Keep it up!

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