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My Testimony After 7 Years In Marriage (Final Part)

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September 19, 2022
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My Testimony After 7 Years In Marriage (Final Part)

In every milestone of Odelia Ntiamoah’s professional life, we prayed. -Prince Ntiamoah Boampong

Head Pastor of Impact Hill Ministry, Mr Prince Ntiamoah Boampong, has taken to social media to show his undying love to his wife of seven years, former Head of Joy Business, Mrs Odelia Ntiamoah, on the occasion of their anniversary. In a series of write ups, to the lead pastor, tells the story of how he met and married his wife. Read the final part of the story below:

After I had called on phone Odelia to express my interest in marrying her, we couldn’t continue the conversation because she froze and said nothing. Later that evening, after work I called again and she asked me if I was serious about what I had earlier on proposed. And I answered in the affirmative.

Fast forward, I went to see her ”Osofo Maame” and we decided that I first broke the news to my yet-to-be father-in-law. Ben Kof is a hard man lol. Very intelligent and straightforward. We did the knocking the following week to officially declare our intention and ask for a date for the traditional marriage and wedding. I started telling people from January 2015 that I will marry in August without knowing who I will marry. The date was initially in August but the auditorium for the wedding wasn’t available. So we moved the date to 12th September, 2015.

I thought marriage counseling was one of the many formalities until I sat under the sessions with Rev. Kenneth Addy Lamptey. Wow! The right counsel can really help in the journey.

One month before the wedding I lost my job. Going to marry a popular television personality, coupled with the expectations of people, was heavier than carrying the economy of Africa.

I informed my to-be wife about the situation and told her that we won’t cancel the wedding, it will happen to the glory of God. My wife is a faith woman so she bought her wedding gown four years early before our wedding, so that was secured. I remember buying our white gold wedding rings that was her desire.

I knew the remaining money can’t foot the bills for the whole wedding. So as crazy as the two of us were, I told her that if money cannot do anything we had planned then it is a seed.

We took all the remaining cash and sowed it as a seed. Our back was against the wall. We had three weeks to the wedding. We started going to Achimota forest to pray. We took sometime off just to pray. We can pray for 7 hours together. All this while everybody around knew that we were busy paying and buying the things.

Invitations were out, date was fixed, but there was no money to pay for anything. We told God we will not give the glory to any man by going to borrow or beg.

Three days to the wedding I didn’t have a suit, hadn’t paid for food, decoration, among others. That same day, when we finished praying, calls started coming in. People started calling my wife to come and see them concerning her wedding. The first person gave her GHC10,000, the second person gave GHC5000, the third person gave her GHC8000. In 24 hours, the wedding which cost about GHC40,000 was paid for by God through other people. I believed in the two of us praying together so much that I risked it all and watched God do His part.

Every milestone in Odelia Ntiamoah’s professional life, we prayed for. I remember she coming to my office oneday, after we were married, and told me they were refusing to put her on TV. She had won a contest and the system was sabotaging her. We therefore declared a three-days fast and prayed about the situation. On the third, she was called to host a program called Missions on TV3, whereby GHC40,000 payment was made out of which GHC22,000 was our profit. God can be trusted.

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