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Content Creation 101: Who’s Your Audience?

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Content Creation 101: Who’s Your Audience?

All too soon we are coming to the end of my content creation series. I know you like to learn but unfortunately good things have to come to an end. This will be my last but one episode and then we do the big wrap up which I’m super excited about! I’m sure you have picked up a lot of lessons for my content creation process and journey so far?

Much of what I have previously discussed is centered around my blogging experience, although there are few tips from TikTok and YouTube that you could also adopt. Generally, creators follow the same process so you can glean knowledge from any of the lessons shared in this series for maximum results. Without wasting much time, let’s quickly delve into today’s post.

Target Audience

Your target audience are the kind of people that you are making the content for. Audiences may vary from readers, viewers, or followers, depending on the content that you produce. For instance, if you’re targeting the global market, you cannot put out average work. If you’re doing it for teenagers, you also need to avoid certain language and explicit content. When you are reporting abuse against a minor, you do not show their face, and vice versa. When doing paid advertisements, knowing your target audience will help you find the right customers for your content.

Create Value

I cannot stress the importance of making sure that your content creates impact more than ever. Value addition is what will make people choose your content over others. As a content creator, always making it a point to give people value for their time and money, will put you ahead of the rest. It will make your content sought after. The goal should always be quality over quantity because no matter how much content you put out there, if it’s not speaking to the heart of people, you may lose them.

Build community

Learning to build a community with your followers and audience is very important to helping you gain traction for your work. You can build community through groups and pages. You could also organize meet ups and events in order to have a personal relationship with your audience. The more your audience feel like they have direct access to you as a creator, the more loyal they are to your brand.


Use social media pages, face to face meetings and the comment section of your platform, to drive further engagement with your audience. Never leave them hanging as it communicates to them that you have other important things to handle. This may drive some of your audience away. Once you have decided to be a content creator, you have to be ready to engage and participate in discussions with your audience whenever you are called upon.


The whole point of content creation is to make some money in the end. Whether you are getting money through ads or influencer marketing gigs, your audience are your first clients. They help you to generate more traffic which in turn makes you eligible to cashing out big from your content creation channel. Never forget that.

PS: One last post to go and we’re through with the Content Creation 101 series. Have you subscribed to the blog yet?

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