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My Testimony After Seven Years In Marriage (2)

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September 16, 2022
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My Testimony After Seven Years In Marriage (2)

What will you do when you have finished your counseling, set the date, announced to the world, and loose your job a month before the wedding? -Prince Ntiamoah Boampong

In the first part of the story, Head Pastor of Impact Hill Ministry, Mr Prince Ntiamoah Boampong, shared the story of how he prayed at the altar to find a wife in former Head of Joy Business, Mrs Odelia Ntiamoah, on the occasion of their anniversary. Read the second part of his story below:

On my birthday, I went very early in the morning for that prayer meeting. By some divine orchestration, Bishop Tackie Yarboi’s wife was coming for prayer meeting with some women, and had also decided to come early to pray before the people had arrived. I went to her and gave her a seed while asking her to pray for me. “Mom today is my birthday and I want you to pray a mother’s prayer for me as I want to marry this year, I don’t want to get it wrong”, I told her. And pray for me, she did. I later thanked her and left the church premises.

I was then a member of Victory Bible Church, Madina Redemption Sanctuary, and not Domminion Sanctuary branch. But to my surprise, I got married on the same altar that the Bishop’s wife prayed for me on. And as custom will have it, the wedding took place in my woman’s church.

Now back to how my wife came into the picture. Oneday, I met one Abena, who reminded me of Odelia and so I decided to call her. My first statement was, “Odelia you have dawged me waa, Charlie you dey? I miss you waa”. To wit, “Odelia, How are you? You have really ignored me and I miss you”.

The conversation began and fast forward, because we were very good friends I told her of my intention to get married. I already knew her response will be, “Nana come and let’s pray, you know I have also been praying about my marriage, so that we don’t get it wrong”. For the two of us, we were only meeting to pray towards getting different people to marry. Sounds funny, but that was how close we were. I didn’t have any feelings for her whatsoever, we were just buddies.

Those days, I was residing at Kasoa and attending church in Madina. One Sunday, after church, I went to TV3 to pick Odelia after which we drove to a nearby forest around Burma Camp, where we used to pray. After the prayers, I dropped her off and went straight to my base in Kasoa. We repeated this the subsequent Sundays.

On the second Sunday, I went to her church in Mateheko to pick her up since her car had broken down. I knew her Pastor and wife by then. They were so happy to see me after 5 long years.

On the following Sunday, a conversation started between Odelia and her pastor’s wife. Mama asked her if I (Nana) was married? And he answered in the negative. Mama then advised her to accept my proposal if I suggested that we get married. She responded by saying, “Mama, he is just my friend and besides we don’t have any feelings for each other”. Mama then insisted that she took her counsel, and advised that it was rare for a man to come pick a lady up just to go and pray.

Next day, which was a Monday morning, the Holy Spirit started talking to me about the kind of woman I was looking to marry. I responded that I needed a very prayerful, focused lover God. I knew all other qualities will be taken care if my woman had these. God then directly told me that the candidate I was looking for was right in front of me and not where I was directing my prayers to. “Odelia!”, I screamed and laughed.

My proposal wasn’t your usual romantic with candles and kneeling down to ask, “Will you marry me?”. I just picked my phone and when she picked up I said, “Ama I want to marry you”. And she froze on the phone. To be continued…

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