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Telltale Signs You’re Dating a Time Waster

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Elegance is not solely defined by what you wear. It is also about the people you hang around and those you let into your life. These people say a lot about your individuality and the kind of things that you tolerate. In building your self worth, you need to connect only with people who are ready to build something strong with you. You need people who are ready to be in your corner at all times. Some people enjoy hanging around negative people who are mostly time wasters. This can go a long way to prolong certain deadlines that you have set for yourself. Notice these traits in time wasters and try your best to avoid them.

They don’t make you feel good

These people have commitment-free lifestyles and exhibit periods of ghosting. This trait of theirs will definitely hurt your self confidence and waste the time you can invest in other positive people and things. Always remember that when they put up this attitude, that is exactly a reflection of how they see you.

You feel confused around them

Time wasters don’t often offer clarity on their relationship with you. This will leave you confused most of the time and you keep wondering your place in their lives. You need to escape while you have the time and chance.

They avoid you in public

You deserve to be celebrated and that is exactly what people who are about to waste your time will never do for you. If they avoid you in public, that sends a strong signal that they are just stringing you along. They are simply not going to be by your side for the long haul.

They only text when in need

Another trait of people who are in to waste your time is that they are not consistent with how they text or communicate with you. Someone who really cares would hit you up often times to check on your progress with life and things that concern you. You don’t have to be the only one texting first. That can feel pretty one-sided and is a major red flag.

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