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My Testimony After Seven Years In Marriage (1)

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My Testimony After Seven Years In Marriage (1)

In February of 2015, on my birthday, I went to Victory Bible church Dominion Sanctuary ,early in the morning, and laid on the altar and prayed. -Prince Ntiamoah Boampong

Head Pastor at Impact Hill Ministry, Mr Prince Ntiamoah Boampong, has taken to social media to show his undying love for his wife of seven years, former Head of Joy Business, Mrs Odelia Ntiamoah, on the occasion of their anniversary. According to the lead pastor, his wife has been with him in his struggling moments up until now which is worth celebrating. Read his story below:

What will you do when you stand before the altar to say yes with no emotions but a conviction? My story when I stood before the altar on 12th September 2015, Victory Bible Church Dominion Sanctuary. I had met Odelia Ntiamoah many years before marriage in a Trotro at 37 after our days in Legon. I didn’t know her in Legon. We became friends and prayer partners.

I just liked her and told myself I will do whatever it takes to help this lady. I had no intention at all of dating her whatsoever.

In those struggling days, I will go to her house, eat and brag about how God will bless me as an Ashanti in my elements and walk away. She had a friend- Doris who was staying with her (who I came to know later that she will confront Odelia when I am gone). She would ask who this broke guy was, who will come and eat for free and also brag in addition.

Unbeknownst to them, I was only confessing the future in my spirit. I remember following Odelia in her early days in TV3 to pitch for her first private documentary with Ghana Airport company(side gig). I sat quiet in that meeting as she spate fire to the applause of all.

Fast forward, this friendship grew stronger. She came to my office oneday and a Nigerian friend who used to come to our office- Akinleye Olu-Philips, told me that you will marry this lady in future I laughed to scorn. “She is only my friend and it ends there my guy”, was my response.

We later lost touch after for two years. In 2015, everybody especially my mentors Addae Antwi Boasiako and others started talking to me about marriage. I knew it was time. At that point, I had nobody in mind but I started announcing to the area managers and my subordinates at the time that I was going to marry in August 2015, and that they should get ready.

I had lost touch with Odelia because I moved to Kasoa. I visited the Barlacys Bank Kasoa branch and met Abena, who was Odelia’s look-alike. I later told her I wanted to be her friend because she had striking resemblance to a long lost friend by name Odelia. Because of her I got into contact with Odelia again- her number was in memory so I later got in touch.

When I realised that it was my season for marriage I entered into serious prayers. I was afraid of marriage because of all the negative stories, especially when, I had been a best man to a marriage which lasted less than two years even though the couple were in love. They couple married in their 30s as virgins after dating for about eight years, only to seek divorce in less than two years of marriage.

I therefore told God I needed only one thing concerning my marriage. I won’t mind failing in anything else, because I know He can give me grace to start all over again, however concerning my marriage I wanted to get it right. During that period, I was so desperate in prayers. I could pray about marriage while driving from Kasoa to Cape Coast. After work, I would pray for hours all towards marriage without knowing who I was going to marry.

On my birthday, In February of 2015, I went to the Victory Bible Church Dominion Sanctuary, early in the morning, laid on the altar and prayed.

To be continued…

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