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Content Creation 101: Practice Observation

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September 12, 2022
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Content creators and digital marketers are taking up space in this growing age of Web 3.0 and so why be left out? Content creation is now the order of the day and most people are creating great content that leads to sales. As a writer, I like to give my readers something to think about. In the first episode of my Content Creation 101 series, I took time to take you through one of my creative thought processes. Today’s Content Creation 101 tip is observation. I hope you stick and read to the end.


One of the key lessons you must know about content creation is that you have to learn from others. You need to build on what someone else has already done or else your work will not be relevant. Research comes in various forms and so I will like to touch more on participant observation. The other forms of research which include information gathering and interviews are also very important but will not be the focus of today’s article.

Keen eyes

You need to have keen eyes in order to know what is happening in your immediate environment. The most talked about content creators are those who mimic what goes on in their environment. Top Tiktok creators, for instance, are the ones who can follow trends and adapt to them. Take note of everything that goes on in your various platforms and generate content around those issues.


You need to participate in discussions, trends, and topics that most people want to see your reaction on. Once you can catch up with the trends and generate content around them, you’ll be giving your audience the kind of information that they want and they will keep coming back for more. You can also do your own rendition of trends and still get the reaction that you need from your audience.


Great content creators are good at storytelling. They know how to capture your attention just by drawing you into their world. Storytelling has become an essential skill for creating great content because you need your followers to be drawn into the story you are trying to tell through your content. You need to get them to follow from beginning to the end. You either apply suspense, intrigue, excitement or all other forms of emotions into your content so that you can attract more views for your content.

Call to action

The core aim of your content is not just to inform and entertain. At the end of your participation through observation, you want to create content that solves a problem. What is the motive of your content? What unique perspective or addition are you bringing on board? I particularly like to end most, if not all, of my content and blogposts with a call to action. I also like to take feedback as well so that I can know if my audience are following the story I am telling them. Let me leave the rest of the discussion for you to think about. I’ll be back.

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  1. Learning from others and taking part in discussions is very important to be relevant always

  2. Justica says:

    Thanks Benjamin for participating in this discussion. I’m glad you liked the post.

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