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Content Creation 101: Why Plan?

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September 13, 2022
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September 16, 2022
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Welcome once again to my content creation series where I discuss my thought processes for each blogpost or content I create. In the previous episode, I explored why practicing observation is necessary for your content creation process and how storytelling is important for content creation. Today, let us explore the need for planning during content creation and why it is relevant. Keep reading and do not forget to subscribe to this blog to get updated on each post I create about content.

Content calendar

By now you should know what a content calendar is. It is very simple, a content calendar is a schedule that tells you what to post on what days. In your content calendar, you need to add a section that includes all of your content ideas. That way, as soon as you sit down to write, you can easily build on these ideas to create amazing content.

90 day rule

This is a thumb rule in content creation, which requires creators to include a plan for the next 90 days in their calendar. While planning your content calendar, you need to add your content creation ideas for the next 90 days straight. This will help you build your audience faster and help you stay active on your content creation journey. For an even larger audience, you need to plan to create at least three posts a day in the 90 day period. This will keep your content fresh in the minds of your audience.

Social media

You cannot be a content creator and avoid social media. This is the media through which your content will be shared across for more engagement. As a content creator, you need to build your social media presence. You can create a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest just to share your posts or monitor engagements on your posts. This is not rocket science, you just need to be active and engage your audience at all times. If you think you cannot keep up, find someone who is social media savvy to help you achieve your goals.


During the planning stages, you will find yourself engaging in a lot of other activities and you need to allocate enough time for each activity. Content creation is work on its own and therefore you need to have organizational and time management skills in order to achieve your content creation goals. Never leave your content creation process to chance. Certain keywords, hashtags, and use of some tools and resources must be applied in order for your posts to trend. However, if you are a beginner, you need to take it one day at a time.


In subsequent posts we will divert attention to some tools and resources needed for content creators. In the meantime, I hope this post will inspire you to take your planning for content creation serious. Planning to post on your blog or social media is essential in order to generate content that tells a story. Once you have a plan, execution is easy. Do not leave your content to chance unless you are just having fun with whatever platform that you have. Adios!

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