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How to Channel the Feedback Derived from Clients into Innovation

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November 1, 2021
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How to Channel the Feedback Derived from Clients into Innovation

They say the devil is in the details. Of course, everything we do has effects and whatever those effects may be, one needs to make well informed decisions. Today, as a flashback to some of the amazing activities I have been involved in, I thought I should share something on feedback and how I have channeled it into the kind of work I do. Feedback is that testimonial which we get from people regarding any venture that we are involved in. As a writer, I tend to get several feedback from bad to good ones, and they fuel the energy that I channel into my writings.

Many times we may get feedback in the form of advice or criticism. The response you give to these feedback generally projects into the kind of outcome you produce from your activities. A friend and I were brooding over the excellence one particular lady exudes with her tech company. We spoke about her consistency, her capabilities and also her organizational skills. Anytime this lady dropped something on her social media, we were keen on discussing her approach. Although we never told her, our discussions were a sort of feedback we had about her work.


One thing to do with feedback is to be consistent at what you do. As a content creator and creative, I appreciate people who are consistent. Not showing up always can damage a brand positioning. However, many great entrepreneurs are those who show up everyday. It is in showing up that you get a lot of feedback on your products or services. The lady we always talked about was at a point not showing up. And because of her good exploits, it was easy to identify that she was missing. This is why consistency is key if you must get feedback for the things you do.


Have you ever heard people say ‘Innovate or die’? Of course, the feedback we get must be put to good use. They should either help you perform better or help you change from certain ways. To be devoid of mediocrity, I try to use feedback to perform better and be productive in my day to day activities. A client once told me I write so well and that they resonate better with my style of writing. To build back better and to satisfy readers like that, I try to write in the most simple language I can ever make do with. Feedback is key to find better ways of delivering on one’s performance.

Build your story

Storytelling is one of the most priciest ways to build any venture from the scratch. People’s feedback gives you enough experience to tell your story just as I am writing today. It gives you clarity of thoughts because you are well informed on your key performance indicators (KPIs). Without feedback we can not tell our progress or failures. Reports are driven from the day to day challenges and feedback drawn from prospective clients. It behoves on innovators to use feedback to build a solid story in order to attract more customers to the innovations that we create.

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