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Our Vulnerability Matters

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November 3, 2021
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Our Vulnerability Matters

Vulnerability is consciously choosing to not hide your emotions or desires from others. -Mark Manson

Two things struck me this week when I began to think about the human existence. These two things are vulnerability and failure. A look at how COVID-19 disrupted the world even counts to show how vulnerable we are as humans. Not in one day do you know how your day will end but we step out to chase the day nevertheless.

In business, relationships, and family life, we only hope that our lives get better through planning and passion. It is okay to toughen up and not want to be vulnerable. Truth is, we have all been that at one point in our lives. If you’re used to covering up your emotions, you’re having a hard time showing your vulnerability.

What vulnerability is

Weeks ago, I listened to how a business man describe his near scam experience on one of the Accra based radio stations (Asempa FM). According to him, he received an email from the scammer and because he did not review the email, he thought it was from one of his business partners. He eventually sent a huge amount of money over for a consignment.

But for the timely intervention of his bank, he would have lost over USD$20,000 to these scammers. I liked the fact that he shared his story and acknowledged his vulnerability although he had been in business for over a decade and should have seen this coming from miles away.

The power of vulnerability

When thinking of how vulnerable we can be, it is good to think of our weaknesses in order to find strengths that surmount them. I am writing this to let you know that we can be vulnerable and strong at the same time because vulnerable situations bring out the best in us. It teaches us to be risk takers and critical thinkers while teaching us to be bold in the face of hard times.

Why vulnerability matters

Whenever you feel like you are about to be on the compromise, your vulnerability is about to be tested. I know because I have been there several times. When this happens, first know that you are human and that you can turn things around for good. Do not feel weak or defeated but rather let your conscience lead you into making the tough decisions to relieve you of any weak choices that you might end up regretting. Practicing vulnerability is as simple as willing to accept the consequences that come with your decisions no matter what.

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