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Cute Texts to Send Someone With Anxiety

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Cute Texts to Send Someone With Anxiety

Anxiety can really send people to a dark place, and when you are there for them, you make their day a little bit brighter. If you’re texting a friend or loved one who has anxiety and has a pretty tough life, it’s nice to be extra kind and show them love. Even though a text may not cure them, it could offer a little form of relief.

A lot of people with anxiety also find it difficult to reach out and ask for help which is why reaching out is a good way to start a conversation. Here are some simple texts to send to check in on someone with anxiety:

It’s okay

One of the reassuring texts to send someone is; it’s okay to prioritize yourself, you deserve to do this.

Be yourself

Another text to send is; I know things may feel overwhelming but I want you to know I’m really proud of you and how well you’re going.

Be patient

Checking in and sending reassurance texts like, “Please be patient and gentle with yourself, you’re doing much better than you think”, can feel a bit validating to those who might feel alone.

Don’t be doubtful

You may also send them something like this: I understand anxiety can make you doubt things but this is a reminder to not question how I feel about you. I love you.

Let’s hang out

And lastly, a simple invitation text may help. You may send something that goes like, “I know hanging out in a big group can be a bit overstimulating when your anxiety sets in, but how about we do something just the two of us?”

Any of the above texts will mean so much to someone with anxiety. Be generous in sharing them with someone you know is struggling just a little to go by each day.

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