Tea Thoughts (6): You Can’t Borrow Money in January - Justica Anima

Tea Thoughts (6): You Can’t Borrow Money in January

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Tea Thoughts (6): You Can’t Borrow Money in January

Guys, I can’t believe yesterday I could not write a thing. I had an idea on what to write about but I needed the time and space to do that. Where is time when you need it the most? And I’m almost exhausted for the week ahead but I hope some morning stretches and jump ropes will help. Whew! What a week of mental roller coaster. I’ve really stretched myself this week in order to give you guys up-to-date information on my Tea Thoughts and I pray it continues all year round.

I’ve been meaning to write something about the Bogoso fire explosion or even coach Milo’s sack but I seriously haven’t got the energy for them. As for my country, there is always something to discuss. However, I will do my best to sways away from some topics going forward. I need to reserve my energy for other stories or else, my idea bank may run dry.


It was just yesterday that I overheard a radio presenter speaking on radio as I passed by a drinking spot, also known as “blue kiosk”. The presenter said, “You can’t borrow money in January”. Initially, I laughed at the statement but later on I kept pondering over it. Since I was not able to stand by and listen to the explanation of the statement, I just allowed my mind to ponder over it. But seriously who borrows money in January? Could it be from those with minimum wage or the unemployed?

Uber driver

With a million questions running through my mind, little did I know that I was going to be getting some answers soon. I picked an Uber today and later struck a conversation with the driver. This man revealed to me that aside driving, he works with one of the companies at the industrial area where he was earning very low income.

I asked if he was earning less than a thousand cedis and the gentleman plainly told me his salary was four hundred cedis. I was shocked. He then revealed that based on his income he was studying at the university in order to obtain his degree. He believed that getting a degree will at least earn him enough salary to go by.

By all means ask

Knowing that someone earns that low, I started to realize that earning such meager amount can lead a person to go and borrow money. People can have genuine needs and that could lead them to go and borrow money. Although borrowing money is seen as a bad habit, in some circumstances, asking for help gives you some form of relieve.

January is critical

Before you go around asking people for money, assess your needs and ask yourself if it’s really necessary for you to take that money. By all means, you also need to consider certain factors like the month in which you borrow the money. Using the Uber driver as an example, he’ll definitely need money before January ends. And that makes his needs very genuine. However, he is so smart to have a side hustle to help him get by, which is working as a Uber driver.

In January, a lot of people are genuinely low on cash and are managing the little resources that they have. You cannot expect someone to give you ‘urgent’ money. You will be disappointed. In all thy wanting, apply emotional intelligence because other people definitely have needs too and you asking them for money may affect your relationship with them. In order to avoid any drama, pick a different month to ask for help. Just saying.

After thought

I used to think that rich people were very stingy with their money until I realized that they are actually not. They invest in people who have the multiplying effect. Can you use the resources given to you effectively and still bring back something of more value than what they gave you? Are you good with saving money or you’re just looking for someone to be showering with money all the time? Can they also count on you to offer some form of help when they need you? These are some of the things people look out for and if they do not see you to be good with money, they may only lend a hand out of benevolence.

Think on these words as I will also be doing same. It’s still a new year and we all have a lot to learn about our finances. For starters, I just wanted to remind you not to be borrowing in January. It’s not only a bad habit but it’s also a bad start for a new year. Today, no tea but I thought I should share.

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