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Content Creation 101: Digital Tools

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September 19, 2022
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Hello there! Writers block wanted to kick in and halt my content creation process but it doesn’t know we are superhuman. I am committed to sharing my content creation journey with you all, despite the high and low moments. And so here goes today’s episode after the previous post which discussed why co-creators are winning in the content creation game. Let me not bore you so much with another lengthy introduction. Today, we are going to explore which tools are necessary for content creation and why those tools are important.


Let’s zoom right in, okay? Using the right hashtags on social media for instance, can generate traction and visibility for your content. Twitter trending topics is enough to help you generate content and is one tool most content creators use to monitor trends. By now, I am sure we already know this. Anyway, for those who didn’t , now you know. What most of us don’t know, however, is the right use of hashtags. Some use it to convey unfinished messages instead of tailoring hashtags to help attract particular audiences to your post.


Keywords are important tools for helping your content to rank high in Google search. Knowing the appropriate words to select as keywords or using Google search to help you generate appropriate keywords is important in your journey as a content creator. I should be charging you for these free tips. Lol. Anyway, what are friends for? Wink!

Writing tools

There is an array of tools for writers to make our work easy. First of all, there are writing styles that you need to choose, first of all. It could either be conversational or formal. Whichever style you choose, there are tools to help you navigate your writing especially, on days when you have writer’s block and there isn’t enough ideas for you to start writing. is one of the tools I use. Otherwise, how am I able to complete deadlines?

Video tools

IG stories and TikTok videos need planning as much as blog contents do. IG has reels to help you collage videos and pictures into beautiful stories. YouTube videos can also be edited with amazing tools of which I personally like to use FilmoraGo for that. A lot of amazing tools are available if only you have the zeal to search and test tools that best suits whatever content you are trying to put out there.

Technically speaking

I could take you through technical tools and tell you about tools like Google analytics, SEO, Topics generator, Article rewriter tools, keyword planners, Trello, Evernote, and what have you. However, that will have to be your assignment. Yes, I believe in going out of yourself and doing the work. Who knows, you will even come out better than some of us. By the way, I cannot hammer the need for constant learning and reinventing yourself as much as possible. That will be the only way you can become good at what you do. Otherwise, hire someone to help you manage the technical bit and continue being the creative that you are.

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