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5 Things You Need To Feel Fulfilled

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August 10, 2020
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August 10, 2020
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In life, every person is in need of something . The diversity in what a person wants depends on the individual and how best they want their needs to be satisfied. The environment one finds his or herself also plays a role in these kinds of needs. Substantially, there is more to life than just to live, work and grow. An initial survey on what people want will automatically put one kind of item or virtue at the top list because almost every person in the world has precedence amongst all their needs. So to say, human wants are endless or unlimited.


On one of my recent visits to a relative’s house, we got into a hearty chat on this subject matter and it will interest you to know that, almost everyone at the gathering was with the notion that ,“Money’s important”. So that brings me to my first technical answer. Every person wants the ‘M’ word. No! Definitely not Microsoft word. Money! People more than anything need money in their lives.

Everyone has been made to believe that, that is the only way to comfortability and happiness. People will go the extra mile to be among the moneymakers, if not among the rich. People will like to have enough money to buy their dream cars, houses, fashion wares, electronic gadgets, you name them.


I also noted something else. Well, something I had known long before the gathering. A person wants love. Yes, you can’t agree less right? Every person, right from birth, yearns for love. An infant will start crying at the point where the mother drops it on the bed to attend to something. To that child, that signifies a sense of rejection. Biblically, man had always anticipated love and affection right from Adam.

I need not go deeper into that, need I? So interestingly, we all want love at most points in our lives. No one can ever stand rejection or hatred (though we mostly would not admit). Love is a very core need in our lives, whether from friends, families, colleagues, lovers, and the list goes on, sometimes even strangers.


Alright so my third observation was that, people also want a Personality. Oh yes! People aside their wanting love and money, want to belong to a certain clique. That’s quite obvious. Looking at the way things are, people without a certain personality tend to be so hard on themselves. Though it may sound controversial, it’s the hidden truth.

Everyone want to be noted among the intelligent, the rich, the famous, the insurmountable, the fashionable, the most achievable, and I could go on and on. But you see, I believe it’s not always about winning the race, but been part of it. Well, as the saying goes, “It’s easier said than it’s done”. I am a victim myself, ha-ha!


Least I forget, did you also know that everyone wants Help? So now you know. A person wants to be helped from one point in life, to the other. This fact is also very undeniable. If I look at it from the Biblical angle, you would agree that God created woman to be a helpmeet to man. Therefore, it’s not anyone’s fault to seek help from time to time. We consciously and unconsciously embrace help and support everyday of our lives and it’s never going to end till we are gone from this earth.

From infancy, through education, to adulthood, to occupation, to marriage, and old age we get helped each step of the way. I am yet to come across that person who has all along made it in life by him or herself. My friend, man indeed needs help in the form of guidance, training, all types of support, counseling, and all. Who can survive without these? I bet you not one person.


I conclude with the greatest of all man’s wants, a supernatural being (still wondering why it appeared last on my list). Aaah right! Every person believes in the existence of a supernatural being in their lives. People adore and honour this being in a unique way. They depend on this being with all their hearts, souls and minds. Whichever religion or beliefs, I know everyone wants God in their lives. This is amazingly not one factor that everyone will cling to, or chase after. Surprisingly, this God is in every person’s lives.

He chooses us without our knowledge because we definitely owe Him our lives as human beings. He dwells within us and moves with us every step of the way. We all know about Him and in our hardest times, each and every one of us calls on Him for an answer. He is JEHOVAH. And believe you me, most people want Him. Why is that hard to admit though?

Before I got home to put my thoughts into writings, I realized these five things are on every person’s minds each day, week, month and year. All other factors are true but just not primary. It’s a school of thought if you disagree. Don’t hesitate to send me a feed back if you agree hands down that atleast three out of five are non-arguable. As I stated earlier, Human wants are, and will always remain unlimited. Don’t stop wanting and achieving

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