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Lessons on Friendship and Relationships

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Lessons on Friendship and Relationships

Just recently, my mom called me to the kitchen and asked, “Anima, do you have friends atall? Apart from Efia, I hardly know most of your friends.” I smiled at this rather funny question and had a tangible reply for my mom, who seemed to be scared about the kind of people I might be associating with. Most often, as is the norm, parents are supposed to be protective and I understood her perfectly. Funny but true enough, I do not have alot of friends and that was why laughed over mama’s words. Many know me to be outgoing, friendly and warm hearted, which is supposedly the characteristics of one that has many friends. All these aside, I have very few friends and I am picky about choosing them.


Over time, I have learnt to be very careful when it came to friends due to certain experiences. Let me share with you some reasons why I have such lifestyle against many friends… One reason is that I realised some people are with you because of what they want to benefit from you and not what they have to share. Also some associate with you so that it can be easier for them to stop you from reaching the peak of your life.

Again, some are with you only because they see that you will be a great person and yet they are not willing to play any role in your life; neither adding nor subtracting from you. These three types persons are definitely not worth having as friends and they are the exact people I am mostly drawn away from. Indeed, true friends are hard to find.

Kinds of friends

Here are three friends you would never want to miss in your life: the elderly, the knowledgeable and the godly. The elderly are ones that are ahead of you in life. They are mostly wiser than you in a wide range of issues and experiences that you would want to know about. They mostly add up to your life by giving you sound moral advice and sometimes support when the need arises.

What you have to do to keep such relationships is to stay humble and also be interested in what they have to teach you. The knowledgeable may not be older than you. They normally have a wide range of information and intelligence base than you do. You must often yearn to tap into their knowledge for the betterment of your life. Do not act jealous over their achievements and mostly shower them with praise, compliments and encouragement. This way, they are sure that you mean good and you are happy with their presence in your life.

The godly are ones that have a religious lifestyle and are always active with the things of God. Such people cannot be wiped from our circle of friends because like the elderly and the knowledgeable, the act as a rod of guidance in our lives. They sometimes help us grow spiritual in order to get closer to God. They are also very trustworthy people and are honest with their judgements over some things they think are wrong about you. These groups of people add up to my circle of friends.

Other friends

I also love the computer (internet), music, inspiring books and the Bible. The computer connects me to a whole new world. Music soothes my soul and mostly gives me joy. Inspiring books teach me most things that the elderly and knowledgeable may not uncover to me. The Bible is my rod and staff which comforts me in my darkest moments. Friends are worth having and keeping.

True friendship is what everyone needs in their lives. However, if one does not choose the right friends, they are mostly headed for doom. You might want to think through before making the wrong choice. Remember that being selective with friends is never a sign that you are unfriendly but that you are a strong and wise person. Keep Loving!

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