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Transitioning Life’s Stages One Phase At a Time

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August 9, 2020
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This is the life we are given. And we just have one chance to make things right. Whatever field you seek to excel in, start from where you are sure to perform – the small stage. By the time the big door opens, you would have developed the competence, confidence and skill to perform at that level. At whichever stage you find yourself, always give your best and work as if you were working for God and you will reach the top in due course.


The courageous know that the final responsibility for the success or failure of their choices rests on them. Therefore, they are mindful that things could either go right or wrong.

If there is a problem that is important to you, you’ll be amazed at how creative you can become in your ability to remove it. Unfortunately, the great majority of people do little or no creative thinking at all. However, generating ideas and solutions should be normal to you if you must be successful at anything.

Law of attraction

Whatever you think about on a continuing basis you attract into your life. Be careful what you think because you tend to activate the Law of Attraction to bring those events into your life. When you begin to look into every problem or difficulty for the opportunity that it might contain, you’ll be absolutely astonished at how many opportunities you will see that you have missed completely. Seek valuable lesson in every setback or problem.


To become a complete optimist, you need to feed your mind on a regular basis with positive ideas, information, knowledge, and conversations with postive people. You must be sure to make an indelible impression in the few minutes you get to spend with people(of influence). Be determined to dominate the world with your ideas and to develop solutions with a global view rather than a limited mind-set.

As it is with the custom, every Monday begins a new week, and as such a new beginning of many things for most people. Go out there and become more. And remember never to settle for less. Let’s do this!

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