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Why Twitter HQ in Ghana is Good For Africa

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Why Twitter HQ in Ghana is Good For Africa

Founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has recently announced the new Twitter Africa headquarters to base in Ghana. This announcement has received several feedback from the Ghanaian community as well as Africans in general. Personally, I am excited about the news and I have taken time off to outline some of the benefits that Africans could derive from this big announcement.

Trade relations

As Ghana already hosts the AfCFTA, it allows for better and smooth transition for other business investors such as Twitter Inc. Trade relations will become stronger among Africans and the rest of the world. This projects for higher opportunities for people on the continent without them having to travel miles for such bigger prospects.

Job opportunities

As mentioned earlier, Twitter’s base in Africa will rake in employment opportunities, especially for the youth. As unemployment looms in due to the ongoing pandemic, new talents will be developed from the continent to take up roles that reflect the real problems that its people face.

Global dialogue

Africa’s new market connecting with the global digital giant will allow for Africans to partake in the helm of affairs on the international scene. As a believer in inclusiveness, I believe this new step is a bold one for both Africa and Europe, as we forge ahead towards eradicating the global pandemic, and other related matters.

Enhanced public discourse

As we all know, conversations drive change. As part of Twitter’s mission to make the world feel comfortable to partake in global conversations, an African base will definitely ensure that this mission is well achieved for all communities across the globe.

Championing Democracy

Ghana has generally been marked for championing democracy and free speech which is good for the economy. This is because most great economies are known to be those that allow for its people to participate in the decision making process. What it means is that there will be enough room for more people to speak out for quicker resolutions.

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