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Tips On Writing Content That Grabs Attention

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Tips On Writing Content That Grabs Attention

Search for your brand name, in google or social media. What shows up about your business or company? Nothing? Irreverent information? You need to utilize copywriting. -Janet Machuka

The business world has learnt its lessons after the Covid-19 pandemic and has now gone virtual. With remote and hybrid work now at the forefront, brands are looking to work with more digital and tech savvy individuals who will drive sales and attention to them. With Web 3.0 gradually creeping in, learning to write good copy has become a necessary skill. Below are some great ideas on writing copy that grabs attention (copywriting) for everyone to learn from.

Conversational tone

You need to know how to grab the attention of the audience or readers by keeping the writing conversational, and great copywriters know this. Write in such a way that the lay man can read and follow through to the end. Understand what people want to read and give them just that.

Do research

You have to do a thorough research to write a good copy and draw a connection between sales and the industry you are writing about. Copywriting is here to stay so challenge your curiosity as a writer so that you can write good copy.

Good story

Copywriters have trained themselves to know what they are writing about and who they are writing to. By telling a good story, you need to strike a chord in your readers. For example, you can share your wins, struggles and lessons you’ve learnt from your line of work.

Call to action

Use certain call to action to direct people to what you are writing about. Your readers must crave to read your next story. That is how they can participate in your work through sharing, commenting, volunteering, donations, or even making a purchase.


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