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Of Women’s Needs And Men’s Wants

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Of Women’s Needs And Men’s Wants

What a week it would have been if one had the chance to think through life and relax a bit. Yet these streets will awaken you with loud noise. I was not able to watch the ‘Date Rush Reunion’ because I was busy with something but thanks to social media, the trending video of Man Bossey and his match was made available. The video which has caught a lot of attention is what has led me to write today’s post.

Wants and Needs

I took my time to watch the video several times and even had discussions around it. I also took time to search for two words which I have used in my headline Wants and Needs.

According to my dictionary, Want means to have a desire to possess or do something, while Need means to require something because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.


For the purposes of this article, I will name the couple Miss Lady in Red and Mr Sark Clone. So in the trending video, Miss Lady in Red is seen asking her date to take care of her needs if he wants her to remain as his woman. Mr Sark Clone, on the other hand, seems confused because according to him, the lady is too demanding and does not even want to pick ‘trotro’ (public transport in Ghanaian local parlance), which obviously is what he can afford.

Her incessant demands had him lamenting on the show while questioning her interest in the relationship. On the other hand, the lady sees nothing wrong in him investing in her needs as her man. The two are totally opposite personalities with different love languages and there seem to be no room for compromise between the two of them.

Photo Credit: DateRushTV3Official (IG)

My take

I totally agree with Mr Sark Clone for wanting the lady to tone down on her demands. For me, The Miss was too shady with her, ”I am broke” response to the guy’s daily text messages in a bid to check up on her. I mean that was totally out of line unless you’re seeking to milk the guy dry. That behavior gives off the impression that you are not interested in the relationship.

Going forward, men should also understand that with any kind of woman you want comes a need to please her depending on what her needs are. Didn’t Mr Man choose her among several ladies? That means he wanted her with all the package that makes up who she is. Some want gifts, others want your time. Some want your money, others want your love. Find out what she needs and fuel that into making the relationship work. The reverse is also true for men.

However, if any of the parties cannot meet those expectations, that doesn’t make them a bad person. It means they have to put in the work and make things work. Or they can quit the relationship and go find the right fit for them. Simplicita!

This life is simple, humans make it too complicated. Sigh.

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