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Navigating Your Single Life in 2023

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Navigating Your Single Life in 2023

Hello lovelies, I hope that your new year is going great as expected. There’s nothing better than having a life of abundance and so we are rooting for you. In that regard, we hope your love life is also progressing as there is a need for a balance in all aspects of your life. So here I am once again, sharing daily doses of motivation and hoping your single life becomes better this year while you prepare to meet the love of your life. Don’t you worry, take things slow and one day at a time.

No distractions

This is the stage of your life where you do not want to commit so much of your time into another person. Get to know yourself and the things you love. It will help you make a better judgement of who deserves to spend the rest of their life with you. Take things slow on yourself.

Heal gloriously

People have traumas they need to deal with before deciding to do the love thing. It is better to heal than to send the unhealed version of yourself into your next relationship. As a friend of mine will put it, “If you have to heal make sure you heal gloriously”. This simply means, let your comeback be greater than your previous self.

Solo dates

Take yourself on dates to places you would like to be with your better half. Assuming they are not coming anytime soon, you still need to be happy. Take time off your busy schedule and go somewhere alluring. This will give you time to think through life and the kind of person you want to be with.

Self love

Offer yourself the exact live you want to receive from another person. That way, you won’t be disappointed when you finally make the choice of a lover. Self love will not make you settle for lesser than you deserve. Buy yourself gifts and write yourself love letters and thank me later.

Give love

In order to receive, you must first give. It is one of life’s major principles. Don’t also forget to give love a chance. It is not a difficult thing to love and be loved back. Stop holding back and fall. After all, what’s life without taking chances?


A lot of us do not enjoy being single because we have not learnt to enjoy our own company. Giving another person the entire power to love you when you haven’t done the work on yourself can overburden the other party. Keep working at building positive relationships with yourself as you get ready to meet the love of your life. Good luck!

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