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2023: Planning to Take Up Space This New Year?

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2023: Planning to Take Up Space This New Year?

Your life is how you take up space during your existence. The average people are those just living through life. However, those who are taking up space are the adventurous, bold and ambitious ones. They are simply those who win at life. They are the movers and shakers of our time. Always remember, in order to find your purpose, you have to try out many things. Taking up space allows you to explore and become who you want to be. Still in the spirit of sharing, here are some top tips on how we are taking up space this year after reading the book, Atomic Habits. Keep reading to find out more.

Free yourself

Being fluid helps you explore every culture of the world only if you choose to. You need to design who you want to be to fit what you’re constantly doing. The right environment and lifestyle can help you choose the habit of taking up space over living a boring life. Happiness is free and those who have fun with life are the real MVPs.

Build systems

Systems thinking is better than mere goal setting. Building a system around your goals will allow you to be more proactive than just setting goals one isn’t disciplined about achieving in the long term. No wonder some of the most successful people are those who have a consistent routine. People who try new things and leave them behind after a few fails are definitely not taking up space in this new year.

Peak moments

The Goldilocks rule explains how people keep working at things which are in line with their capabilities until they reach their peak. For instance, working for someone else until you acquire your own business is also taking up space. Don’t fall for the bandwagon and leave your company if it allows you to reach the peak performance that you may require to move on to your next level.

Don’t impress

People who only do things for the applause end up quitting when they do not receive any. Keep showing up even when everyone seems not to have noticed you. That is the key to taking up space. While others sleep on you, you keep building and building until they can only marvel at your results when the time is right.

Passion over everything

We have read and have also come into conclusion that most movers and shakers are those who follow their passion. Their passion fuels all that they do which keeps them going. To take up space this year, you need to stop setting goals in areas that you aren’t passion about. Just because others are doing it does not mean we are missing out. Concentrate on what you love to do most and watch yourself becoming the best at what you are most passionate about.


Things get better when time, creativity and effort come together to meet one’s preparedness for opportunities. Taking up space means that if one finds themselves on a position of advantage, they can share their world with others to create a ripple effect of impact. It allows you to share your light with others so they can also find their path to the top. This year, let’s keep growing together.

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