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My Desk (2): Adulting is Real

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April 26, 2022
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April 29, 2022
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My Desk (2): Adulting is Real

Today, I woke up on the bright side after enjoying an evening with a super star. This person is a powerhouse in Ghana’s creative space and meeting them for the first time got me star struck but I did well to maintain a calm composure for the one hour or so that we were together. Anyways, I realized I had paused my series which I titled My Desk (refer to previous episode). So if you’re reading this, I promise to finish the rest of the twelve episodes in the coming days. It’s going to be back to back this time around and so keep your finger’s crossed.

Reality check

Meeting with this superstar got me thinking about school days when we used to go out and scout for mentors who would come and give students a talk about Life After School. It seems like just yesterday since we were students. And personally, it’s been four years since I graduated. Whew! Recently, I saw pictures of the 2021 graduating class of my alma mater flaunting their pictures online. That’s when it finally dawned on me that I have been in this adulting business for sometime. No more fantasy life and depending on mom and dad. It all comes to an end at some point. The only issue is that some people never wake up to this reality.


One of the first reality checks that you awaken to as an adult is choosing a profession. You may need a little or a lot of help. If you are lucky, you’ll be ushered into the world of work through mentors and recommendations and that will be fine. But it does not end there. You have to put in the work. You need to show up and be ready to do the work required of you. Whether you are into entrepreneurship or working 9 to 5, the level of hard work and dedication that you need to sacrifice amounts to the level of comfort that you would enjoy at old age. So yes, the hardest part of adulthood is putting in the hours in your career but best believe it is for the right reasons; towards an enjoyable future.


Bills comes in various shapes and forms, it’s not even funny. Your first taste of bills comes when you have to pay for your own stuff like food, clothes, data bundles, and the others. As a young adult, finding work and taking care of your own self is one of the things nobody prepares you for. The foundational rule is to learn to save and plan your budget. Certain bills are emergencies and you do not want to be taken aback when they set in. Yes, the hardest part of adulting is the financials. Even those people who taught they had it all figured out sometimes have to come to terms with this hard truth about saving up to pay for bills and expenses.

Family pressure

Gosh! The part of adulthood thereby family members keep calling in for little hand outs here and there needs to be properly dealt with. Sometimes for the fear of entering into the bad books of some people, we try to avoid saying no. But the truth is, when you keep breaking your backs for some people, it can really affect you. Another pressure the family is the well versed in is mounting pressure on young adults concerning marriage. Can we be given a break already? It’s cold out here and we have a lot to deal with on our plate.

Settling down

Nobody fully prepares adults on making better life choices in relationships and marriage. Yes I said it. The ones who are lucky to get advice and lessons from their parents still have to make their own mistakes and learn from scratch. One of the biggest fears in choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with is having to settle for someone just to avoid the rat race. Truth be told, waiting for the right partner is equally tedious and not always assured. I’ll tell you what one mentor of mine told me which is to enjoy the moment in which you are. Until you enjoy being single, do not expect someone else to bring you the happiness you were not able to give to yourself.


At the end of the day, every old person you see did what was best for them during their time, it’s now your turn. Believe that you deserve the best life and the universe will serve you. You already overcame so much as a child or a teenager. You believed even when it was hard to. You pushed through it all. Now is your turn to receive in a major way as you prepare towards the future. I believe in you.

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