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Movie Review: The Perfect Picture, Ten Years Later

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Alas, the much anticipated movie we all needed to see has been launched onto Netflix. As a movie lover and a Ghanaian drama enthusiast, I could not wait to sit myself down to some ice cream and noodles while viewing my favorite Perfect Picture sequel by Shirley Frimpong Manso.

The characters and background music from the previous story ten years ago was captivating. Wait? Can you guess where you were at that time? 10 solid years ago.

In the previous story of a romantic love triangle between three friends, we witnessed a relationship trajectory among them and how they solved the problems facing their love lives.

We also see a depiction of love in the Ghanaian society and how young people translate their emotions into being with one true soulmate. But hey! Let’s talk about the latest sequel, ‘The Perfect Picture, 10 years later’.

I really put my hope in the movie before watching it and I must say, I was not disappointed. I also recommended it to a few friends with Netflix accounts and they also affirmed my sentiments. “Great movie”, they all replied with their feedback.

You see, the thing with Shirley Frimpong Manso’s production is, she leaves you with something to think and talk about. So the movie projects a marital setting with relationships and it’s related challenges at play.

Dede is on a path to gain love with Sam. Akasi is solidifying her relationship with husband, Fela, while they await an unborn child. While Aseye is on the verge of having a sixth child with a barely broke husband, Larry. The transition of young, wild and free, to old and responsible is what makes the movie spur on.

The was themes on religion, sex, culture, career, and infidelity all in the mixed blend of suspense, desperation and romance. The least said of the settings and locations of the movie the best, not for the wrong reasons, but for the fact that they were eye catchy scenes which brought the movie to life.

If there was anything that we all loved about the movie, it is that it ended on a good note with the late Nana Tuffour and Gyedu Blau Ambuley serenading the audience to some good high life music. Cheers to Ghanaian movies we love!

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