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How Women Leaders Are Managing Stress This New Year

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How Women Leaders Are Managing Stress This New Year

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High levels of stress have become the norm for many of us, but this doesn’t have to be the case. I contacted a few women leaders in my community to learn how they manage stress in honor of new year’s resolutions, and I incorporated their advice to create the following list. I urge you to include these five minor routines into your everyday schedule.

Stay positive

Some female leaders also underlined the significance of showing compassion to your coworkers. We can never know what is going on inside another person’s head or heart, she asserts. Considering people’ intentions can help you prevent unneeded stress.

Seek support
Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or stress, it is advisable to seek help from other women who are well versed in handling tougher issues who can help you through with what you are going through. Take your challenges to other women leaders and seek help from your support system as much as you can.

Get organized

Eliminating incoming email notification notifications is one of the things that has helped many women manage stress. One woman commented, “This way, I’m not continuously getting sidetracked by incoming messages and can focus on the task at hand.”

Make a plan

Establish a set work schedule and hold on to the impulse to check email or finish projects after hours. Nobody wins if you burn out as a result of working too much. Your employee and coworkers want you to be your best, which calls for rest and downtime.

Self care

Be mindful of the good and negative effects that your everyday activities have on your mood and level of stress. Take part in something relaxing or enjoyable. Adult coloring books are one example. It’s a terrific way to relive your childhood while also fostering calmness and awareness after a stressful day. Who said you can never be too old to color?


I hope these few tips from women leaders in my community can help you manage stress as you start another business year. Go and be great this new year 2023. Wishing you all the best and a stress free year.

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