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Five Ways to Get Back Into Work After the Holidays

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Five Ways to Get Back Into Work After the Holidays

All too soon the holidays are over and we are back to factory settings. Work mode activated. What are your plans on kickstarting the business year successfully? Are you ready for the world of work yet? Well, we don’t have a choice, do we? There’s money to be made and clients to satisfy. Here’s to getting back to work and some tips that could help you settle back in.

Don’t be confused

Do not confuse busy-ness with productivity. Being productive simply means producing results. You can get busy and still accomplish nothing at the end of the day. If you want this year to be different, you have to be bold to finish off some goals and achieve some results by all means.


We know there is a lot of talk about smart work. We get it. All you need to know is that smart work still involves a bit of hardwork. You can only get it right when you discipline yourself and get right into work instead of lazing about and shirking your responsibilities.

Find purpose

Find a sense of purpose in the work you are involved in. Engage with your work community on projects that inspire change. Purpose at the workplace can always be fulfilled with determination and focus. When you know you are meant to do great things, you’ll find the motivation to get started and finish off your goals.

Be serious

Yes, the holiday period was all fun and games. Now is time to get serious and pursue your goals for the year with all diligence. Subscribe to achieving your possible best and leave the rest of the fun for the holiday season. It is time to really get some work done and accomplish some goals.

Existing network

Do not panic when asking for support from your existing network. It might be hard work from the beginning but it can set the tone for mentorship, collaborations, partnerships and funding for your projects at the workplace.


It’s going to be tough settling back in at work after the long holiday season. However, if you have set some laid out plans and mapped out your goals into smaller tasks, you will be at the top of your game before you know it. We also know you have to take things serious but then find ways to make it fun as you go. All the best.

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