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Facing Your Fears Amid the Turbulence

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I recently learnt some important lessons about facing your fears head on which I’d like to share with you. Being on a journey of self discovery can be so tiresome that you may lose your focus and dwell on the negativity instead of the wide range of possibilities.

For so long, I have battled with settling for the one thing that I want to do for the rest of my life, and I know most people are on the same journey.

It is not a matter of jumping the biggest hurdle, but rather finishing through with one small goal at a time. That’s when it hit me that one needs to face his or her fears first if they must finish anything worthwhile.

Confidence is key

Fear can cripple a lot of potentials within us which we must not allow to happen to us. We must replace fear with confidence in order to achieve the impossible. The quest for confidence rears itself in the board room, in the conference halls, and at all levels of life.

It is when you have mastery of yourself that you are able to face life confidently. Mental and physical exercises are really helpful in building one’s confidence. Keep practicing being confident in moderation and very soon you’ll be a master of your life.

Keep moving

During a tough competition, it is your ability to stay in the game that determines your fate in the final round. Top athletes know this. Runners never quit until they get to the finish line.

That’s just the right attitude you need to exhibit towards your goals in order to achieve them. And while at it, you’ll be overcoming insurmountable fears and roadblocks along the way.

Silence the voices

Voices in our minds can be louder than the external ones. Your ability to speak positively to your thoughts gets you ahead of the game faster than you can think of.

While going through life, always focus on the right voices and learn to be your own motivation before seeking help from anyone else. If you can do this, you can overcome any challenges that you may face.

Pressing on

Now there is a difference between mobility and pressing on. Pressing means applying force. It also means having tenacity and the capacity to endure the most daunting life experiences.

A great one once said, “There are levels to the things you can achieve in life, how many people you can help and the impact you can have.”

How far are you willing to go in your journey towards success? Ascertain your goals and to achieve them even in the face of your fears.

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