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Dealing With The Alpha Male In Relationships

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Dealing With The Alpha Male In Relationships

Alpha males are super in charge of their world and are total dominants in any group. For them, it’s either they win or never attempt to pursue. Often times, when a woman is domineering, her relationship with an alpha male may not succeed because one of them may have to compromise on certain things in the relationship.

A couple of my research on these kind of men are based on real life happenings and some movies, particularly one that I recently watched which is titled, Mrs Right Guy, showing on Netflix. Read the outcome of my observations below.

Impressing the alpha male

To show that you are the right one for him, you need to show him that you’re unique and different from the rest of the women out there. He is not out to be with just anyone that comes his way, but he wants to make every meeting worth his time.

Are you the one ready to match up to his high expectations? He needs to know that even your soft spots are not going to be relinquished by his charm and charisma.

He’s domineering and wants the hot chase

In the game of chess, the queen is the only piece that represents a woman, and it is the most powerful piece in the game. The king is important in the game, however, the queen is powerful because she has more freedom to be moved and also to be protected by another piece.

Just as in the game of chess, the alpha male can capture a queen who is not well protected and secured in her place. The dominant male wants to take charge of all her needs, and yet she needs not appear needy in his eyes or else he may abuse her worth. Only a few queens know and apply this rule.

Prove you’re worth the chase

Every lady knows that she needs to level up to meet the expectations of the alpha male. You need to have a positive and confident air around you to attract and maintain your relationship with him and to show that you’re worth keeping.

He’s adventurous

He’s adventurous and needs adventure, therefore give him something to be adventurous about. The thing is that this adventure may become a distraction and a burden for the lady since it usually takes most of your attention from other areas of your life.

You’ll need to keep your focus and stick to your life goals. The more you are about building yourself, they more an alpha male feels an attraction and respect towards you, to him an ambitious woman is an adventure on its own.

Have standards

Don’t give in too fast because he’ll be on to the next booty call list once he’s done with you. Don’t take his words so serious, they me be out to bite you instead of soothe your emotions.

They’re normally accustomed to pain since they are always taking bold risks which sometimes gets them disappointed. They therefore tend to share that pain across so easily, but once you are level headed from the onset, they’ll notice it and play to your tune.

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