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Creating Impact One Bold Step At A Time

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Creating Impact One Bold Step At A Time

It’s never been about any kind of “fame” for me, it’s always been about my purpose and radiating my light. That’s my secret to consistency all these years – genuine intent – my “light”.

Your light radiates from the inside out.

Be your biggest fan. Talk to yourself nice. Chase peace. Hold on to faith. Draw into hope.

With that inner light generated from the energy I give myself, I then take that and pour into others. Uplift others.

Take note of your light and what it’s meant to do. I noticed that there was something about the light I have, that a big part of it was to be used to serve. To be a vessel. To show hope through ones own lived experiences and encourage others to do the same.

Be bold in the pursuit of your purpose.

When we think about what we want to do in this world, who we want to be, what dreams we want to chase, I am happy chasing my purpose.

When I die, I’ll be happy just knowing I was a light in this world.

Written by: Akosua Boadi-Agyemang

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