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5 Side-hustle Ideas to Consider in 2023

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5 Side-hustle Ideas to Consider in 2023

2023 is your year to make more money. A side-hustle is the answer if you have little-to-no bad debt, have discretionary income, or are getting ready to start your own business.

If you’re debating between a side-hustle and taking up a part-time job, find out some cool side-hustle options below.

Content Creation

After the pandemic, opportunities to earn through content creation has generated the most buzz these past years, with interest in platforms for writers, gamers and influencers not far behind.


Find another user who offers your exact same services, but much cheaper. This takes research and a little discipline. You want to find a freelancer who can match quality controls but is just generally cheap to help you finish huge tasks.

Graphic design

Once you are good and people start messaging you, prepare to make extra income from graphic designing. Get all the assets you may need to design the perfect design for your clients.

Software development

All it takes is to get the specifications your clients need fully detailed out. Once you’re good at what you do as a software developer, your side hustle money awaits you. Time to make some shh-money!


Copywriter or content writers are in high demand. You want to put your writing skills into use by ghostwriting for people who do not have the skills or time to write. It is one sure way to make some money on the side as you work on your main career.

Bonus tip

If you’re bilingual or multilingual, translation should be the go-to side-hustle for you. Translators are currently in high demand and you could take up roles during your free time to make some extra cash on the side.

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