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Why You May Be Facing Challenges in Your Job Search

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August 9, 2020
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If you are having challenges securing a job as a young person, Forbes magazine may have an answer for you. In a recent article by the group, we will learn about a few activities we are doing wrongly and how we can adjust them to our benefit. Below is a summary of what you need to know about job search and how to do it right.

Too many job changes in a short period of time

Often times, we are changing jobs too soon and that may be a challenge for us. Recruiters would rather chose someone with an extensive number of years at a particular organization over someone who has changed three jobs within that same period of time. When you feel like quitting your current job, do consider this before making a move.

Employment gaps

Are there a number of years when you left the employee space to do your own thing? Put that in your CV. Do not leave gaps which will have to be answered. For instance if you worked from 2015-2016 and did nothing in 2017 till 2019, there could be questions. Include voluntary works and other engagements into you CV or application letter, indicating what you did during those gap years.

Hard-to-explain career or goals

What is your mission and career vision? How well you are able to explain this will put you ahead in securing a job. However, if those things are not well spelt out or explained, you may lose very great deals in your job search. Try as much as possible to seek help in writing your business plan or cover letter to avoid such mistakes or oversights.

Anything on your resume employers won’t understand

Grammatical errors and other cliches on your cover letter which will not be understood by your employer should be avoided. Your letter and CV should be very concise and well edited before it is sent to recruiters. You want to avoid any instance where there is a question mark associated with your employment process.

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