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Why Are the Rich and Middle Class So Lonely?

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Why Are the Rich and Middle Class So Lonely?

There has been a quiet pandemic developing while most people’s attention has been on covid-19.⁠

Popular online magazine, The Economist, describes loneliness as a complex issue which affects not only social lives, but the way you work and even the way you vote. ⁠The lonely are not just sadder; they are unhealthier and die younger. What can be done?

Part of the problem stems from contemporary employment. In Britain, three in five office workers feel lonely at work. ⁠

Gig-economy jobs can leave people with insecure incomes and without the companionship of colleagues. The pandemic has made it more difficult to make, and maintain, friendships, particularly for new employees.⁠

”Technology means that people can get their entertainment at home, and work there, too. It is convenient but it also leads to loneliness”, says The Economist.⁠ I suggest a few ways to keep in touch with the outer world below.

Go for a walk

After a hard day’s work, it is important to step out and stretch those muscles. Constantly staying indoors can have a tone on your mood and increase feelings of loneliness. You can walk a dog or take a walk with a friend or loved one; either way make sure you are taking enough walks.

Talk to older persons

Old people have enough wisdom and advice to share. Instead of sitting in your room alone and wallowing in self pity, find time to visit an elderly person and share a conversation with them. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn within a short period.

Celebrate small wins

Being constantly excited about your little efforts can help change your mood. Always celebrate your little wins, and be sure to take yourself out or invite a few friends to celebrate with you.

Be responsible

You need to take responsibility for your own happiness and not run into the next relationship just because you feel lonely. That alone cannot solve your loneliness as you may drag your partner into your dark lonely world. Be deliberately aware and decide to change your habits if you feel constantly lonely.

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