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What Are Some Offered Services On PigeonUltra? (1)

PigeonUltra: Online Shops with Ultra Delivery Experiences
May 27, 2022
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June 6, 2022
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What Are Some Offered Services On PigeonUltra? (1)

Whether you are thinking of ordering from your favorite restaurant or starting a ghost kitchen, PigeonUltra has laid out all the steps to get you going in this blog.

For PigeonUltra, delivery services mean demonstrating a willingness to provide services such that customers will see the need to keep coming back to order from the brand. The services offered will establish an agreement and give customers the confidence that their assent to the services is invited.

With swift delivery services, convenience-craving customers are assured of loyalty and their satisfaction. This article is a starting point to understanding some of unique offering of the brand and to learn the basics of the level of services delivered. We will take a look at how the various shops operate and the most common delivery-only business model that PigeonUltra operates.

Luxury Dining

PigeonUltra offers the luxury dining option for users on its app. This gives the restaurant option that is typically more sophisticated, unique, and expensive than one would find in an average restaurant. This traditionally offers the most expensive dining experience and yet PigeonUltra has menu options which has reasonable prices.

Options to choose from this shop include, WOK Boyz Asian Street Food, The Food Factory UPSA, Angwamo Express, The Piano Bar, Ronyz Restaurant, The Zone, Blackfire Teppanyaki.

Comfort Dining

The taste and ritual of making comfort food transports back childhood memories from memorable dishes. This option on PigeonUltra’s app and website provides food that feels like a warm hug. The menu in the category tend to be unique than the usual menus as it offers food that make you recall your childhood, family and close friends.

Shops here include, Eddy’s Pizza, Indomie Boutique,  Passage Ens’s, Swaggers Restaurant, Eve’s Pizza, Feag’s Pizza, Glover’s Pizza, Regali Gold Lounge, The Frencher’s Soup Bar and Grill.

Virtual Kitchen

These days, just as we store our photos ans stream videos online, virtual kitchens operate in cloud mode, and more than not, it is where we are ordering food from these days. The virtual kitchen operates from an isolated kitchen space without a storefront. Build your own kitchen with the virtual kitchen and partner your business with PigeonUltra. As the virtual kitchen has revolutionized the food and beverage world by adopting the major components of a restaurant, PigeonUltra offers this option to help consumers explore restaurants that uses ghost kitchens. It also allows small business owners to operate a restaurant with a life-size kitchen while owning an outlet on the app or website.

Shops you can order from in the Vrtual Kitchen are Ola’s Pizza and Shawarma Grill, Rifa’s Kitchen, Dromo Special Food Joint, Mephey’s Food Bar, 365 Waakye, Pinky Grapes Eatery, Nana K Fast Food, Hot Delacacies, Before Home, and many more.

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