What Are Our Offered Services At PigeonUltra? (2) - Justica Anima

What Are Our Offered Services At PigeonUltra? (2)

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What Are Our Offered Services At PigeonUltra? (2)

As an e-commerce app, PigeonUltra offers various services which are convenient to our customers. Clients are free to select options that best suit their needs while navigating through our user-friendly app. Vendors also have the opportunity to market their products and make sales while getting engaged with a network of other entrepreneurs for idea-sharing.  Through the app, PigeonUltra has facilitated numerous connections between entrepreneurs looking for a platform to expand, and existing shops looking to expand their client base.

The brand has noticed a consistent increase in demand on both sides of the demand-supply space, as more food enterprises, for instance, are looking for a place on the app to launch their own virtual shops. Also, several customers are looking for a convenient platform to easily access products. Part of our duties as a brand, has been to nurture our community of entrepreneurs, by maximizing the efficiency of the virtual shops listed on the PigeonUltra app.

This article is a good place to learn more about offered services and what shops you can find on the PigeonUltra app, while exploring more on how the delivery business model works.


This option gives you the opportunity to quickly find new shops where your favorite gift items are sold. You will more likely be able to adapt the new technology of shopping luxury products online, thereby, giving you a further edge over real-time shops or supermarkets.

Pigeon+ is definitely a marketplace for any and everything electronics, cosmetology, and more. You can shop your Baby and Mothercare products, Floral pieces, Gift items, Healthcare and beauty products, and more. If you’re thinking of setting up an online shop, join its community of online vendors and be a part of one of the most sought after delivery-only brand.


You must be prepared to go the extra mile in shopping all your favorite groceries online. Save yourself the hustle and long queues at the shop or supermarket by having access to a list of grocery items to choose from, once you log on to the app.

The Groceries section is where you can find shops to order everyday home essentials from. Some of the shops to order from include, International Supermarket, Sherifa’s Shito, Welma Ventures, and Bon Kakao Chocolate. To partner your grocery shops with us, you will be given step-by-step guide on how to start your business and also resources for every stage of the journey once you log onto our website.

Wine and Liquor

If you are into wines, then PigeonUltra brand gives you the opportunity to test out different brands of wine whether expensive or affordable, sweet or dry, you name them. However, do not panic, our costs are comparatively cheaper even if you keep pumping out a high volume of orders. Our prices are always reasonable and competitive, compared to other delivery brands. Order all types of Beer, Wine, and Liquor from shops such as Apple Payless Drinks, and Mac Legendary Wines and Liquors, at your own convenience, and PigeonUltra will deliver.

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