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Three Best Writing Techniques For Writers

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Three Best Writing Techniques For Writers

How do you write such interesting stories?
What inspires you to write such stories?
You are one of the few writers that I read from and never get bored. Your writings are just so brief and straight to the point.
These are just a few comments I come across from time to time as a writer. To most of my readers, I serve them such interesting pieces that they can’t seem to get enough of. I have most people wanting to read from me often and have subscribed to my blog in order not to miss a story by me. You see, as a writer, you need more of these enthusiasts to keep you writing.

However, there may be criticisms that need to be taken in good faith as they are also forms of feedback that tell you the reader’s concerns. In a brief spur of the moment, I would love to share with you a few steps to take in order to create amazing content to get your reader’s attention and engagement. Remember, you are not writing for yourself but for the masses who can later on become your fans. Without people getting interested in what you are writing about, you may just save your energy for something else. So how do we achieve becoming so good at writing creative pieces?

Formulating the idea

The first step to writing a great piece is to generate a nice content for your write up. You do not want to write something which will not grasp the reader’s attention. It is therefore important to create content which appeals to the reader’s interest. Look for story ideas that most people will be drawn to because it touches on what’s happening in general.

I, for instance, choose story ideas from people’s conversation in the bus or anywhere around me, television discussions, events and places which are trendy, incidences which occur, or from stories which are making the news. Depending on what information is available or unavailable out there, try as much to capitalize on it to create good content for readers. By focusing on getting majority to read your posts, you should shy aware from regular story ideas that most people already talk about.

For example, I may choose to right about why homosexuality is good by adding a different dimension and twist to the subject matter. This will definitely draw people’s attention since it has a headline and a storyline that most people will want to find more about. People are also easily drawn to relationship, money, success and healthy living, and therefore creating ideas from those areas are also relevant. So you see, writing is all about grasping all the attention and focus on your stories.

Writing catchy stories

The first step draws us to this next step on how to write effectively. Never underestimate the power of creativity. People are easily drawn to new styles and ways of doing things and writing is not exceptional. By formulating great content, you need to focus on building up a great story that will keep readers reading till the very end of your write up. It is not enough to draft your story by knowing what you want to write about. Writing the whole material in a particular style is very important. Depending on the people you want to write to, using simple language and engaging style is always important.

The story should not be “raw”. Adding value, taste and flavor is a vital key to successfully knocking your reader’s head off. By this I mean you must be able to make the reader asking and coming for more. It does not matter which style you intend to use, but make sure your readers love you at the end of your story. Let them experience the ‘wow’ moment at some point. Give them something to remember in the story. This is necessary because there may be a lot of words in one material yet one exciting paragraph, sentence or phrase alone should give the reader the stimulation they need. Try using jokes, expressions, scenarios and a few jargons where necessary, to highlight a particular point you are trying to make. This will give you the content that readers will love to read over and over again.

Keeping a journal

All practice is good because it perfects every skill. Keeping a journal helps you keep on your toes. For most writers, it may be a small notebook or notepad where they pour out random ideas that come to them during the day. Some of these ideas are later on turned into great stories that keep everyone wondering how it was done. Keeping a journal is like keeping a diary. You get the chance to keep your thoughts in writing. This will in a way help you sharpen your skills on a regular basis.

Most beginners may find this technique useful because it can be a way of sharing your message with people while allowing them to assess your writing. When I give out my journal to people to read, the feedback I get helps me reform my writing. There is the opportunity for spell checks, punctuation and language corrections, and also writing style formulation.

Nobody just gets up and write. For you to be good at it, you need to be prepared for it. Why not get a writing pad today and keep all your poems, short stories, essays and articles in it. Someday, you should be proud to share something from your journal with the world.

I’m glad to have shared this with you. I hope proves useful and applicable. Please don’t forget to hit me up with comments and email messages in regard to this post. I would love to hear some of your best writing techniques too. All the best in your writing life.

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