The Men’s Club Season Three Out Now, Got Fans Talking - Justica Anima

The Men’s Club Season Three Out Now, Got Fans Talking

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The Men’s Club Season Three Out Now, Got Fans Talking

Season 3 of the much awaited online series, The Men’s Club has finally been outdoored. The talked about a Nigerian mellow drama has proved to be worth waiting for as viewers seem satisfied with the release of the first episode.

A story about what men do professionally and what they expect in relationships, The Men’s Club, tells the journey of four friends in the most unique way.

It is full of suspense, revenge, rivalry romance, and some touch of family life balance. It brews love with hate in the most surreal way which has viewers hooked to their seat for more. Aminu Garba is one of the wealthy characters among the friends who is torn between two women, a reckless one and the one he very much adores.

The sequel has him saying, “I miss being with a woman… The old one is irreplaceable,” a proof of his love for Yasmin, the woman he so much adores but cannot be with because of his reckless and annoying ‘baby mama’.

The drama unfolds as viewers wait for the story of the men to unravel as they chase after wealth and real love. An entangled piece of adventure may lead each guy to their one true heart desire amid all the scandals and road blocks. But are they ready to face the next stages of their life?

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