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Tea Thoughts (4): And So Soak My Gari For Me

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Tea Thoughts (4): And So Soak My Gari For Me

My dear friends, writing is not easy at all! Let no one lie to you. Who even sent me to be doing a series. Well, I signed up for this and so I must finish it at all cost. I’m going to keep blowing my ‘nonfa’ (nonsensical talks) until the 31st day of January comes. I can’t come and kill myself. Anyways, how are you guys taking Ghana’s loss at the AFCON? Charley, these guys really made a laughing stock of us at the international front. With such a horrible performance, our over 40 years drought in getting hold of the trophy is still pending.

By the way, I heard Afia Schwarneggar has lost her dad and so I’m sending out my condolences to her. On the other hand, Twene Jonas is still bashing politicians and citizens alike out there like nobody’s business. This time, he is giving it to the Ghana Black Stars back to back. It is obvious that the issue has really hurt the guy to the core. Thankfully, he is not alone. In his rants, he is appealing to government to use the winning bonus that the squad would have received if they had won to pay unpaid workers. My brother, I can only concur.

Gari Soakings

As I boiled water to take some tea after having my bath, I totally forgot myself. The tea grew cold as I rushed out for the day’s activities. At lunch time however, I took the opportunity to have some gari soakings as I have been craving some for God knows when. A friend gifted me this nutritiously packaged cashew nuts which I had sitting in my fridge since the Christmas holidays, so I thought this could be the perfect time to make use of it. And goodness, I couldn’t hold myself tasting cashew nuts in my Gari soakings. Guys, you really need to try it sometime.

Mixed reactions

A lot of people I spoke with during Ghana’s match said that they didn’t have much faith in the team. Many of them were expecting Ghana to lose. Can you imagine? I was dumbfounded when most of the guys said, “I’m not supporting Ghana in this tournament”. Meanwhile, a friend from Kenya who I had not been in contact with for a very long time texted me on the day Ghana played Gabon saying, “Hey, how are you? I’m here supporting your boys”. Quite ironic isn’t it?

“I don’t care” attitude

Ghanaians can do way better with how they support their own since we like showing less concern for our national team. I know the team hasn’t been giving us a lot to be hopeful for but can we look at the positive side? Even business going down is blamed on the Black Stars’ non performance. Funny though. Weeks before the Gabon match, I watched a video which had the former Black Stars footballer, Anthony Baffoe, charging the players on ahead of the match. However, if you ask me, throughout the game, the players put on a rather slow attitude. What we Ghanaians prefer to call the “I don’t care” attitude. This was bad for the team as it showed in their overall performance.

And so what?

If you dare ask me why I am commenting on football when I seem not to have enough knowledge about it, my perfect answer will be, “and so soak my Gari for me”. Ofcourse, we are supposed to have an opinion on events around us and this is mine. If you have issues with my opinion, you might as well share your own. If you ask me, I think it’s about time the Black Stars went back to the drawing board. It’s about time we take our football serious. It’s about time we go slow on politicizing everything including our football. Perhaps, the main problem is from the players and not the coach or anyone we have been blaming since the match began. It’s about time we checked what may be wrong and find solutions to fix it.


The next generation of Ghanaians are watching what’s going on and with the way things are going, I’m afraid there is not enough hope. Things still stand at the same old slow movement and no drastic measures or changes. If you dare call anyone to order, you become the villain. Currently, what we are witnessing is unconcerned citizens, frustrated diasporans who have given up on the country, young people with zero zeal for any major projects, people who do nothing right for themselves or for society, and the list goes on.

We are all in this mess together. I don’t know what it is about us as a people but we are sinking and are seriously in need of a system shift. Therefore, before you turn around to point fingers, I’ll ask you to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you need to do to contribute your quota to the nation building.

By now my gari is bloating so I need to go and check it out and try to finish it up. All the same, before you start budging and thinking that I’m just blabbing about nothing, kindly turn and ask your fellow Ghanaian, “Is everything alright?”. I’ll be waiting for their response to you in the comments section below.

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