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Tea Thoughts (3): Go Black Stars Go!

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Tea Thoughts (3): Go Black Stars Go!

Today on Tea Thoughts, I want to touch on the Ghana Black Stars and how their performance at the AFCON is breaking my heart. What do I know about football you may ask? Well, I’d like you to know that I am a patriot and by cheering the team on, I exhibit my patriotism for my beloved country. This time around, they are playing for the AFCON trophy and I must say so far so very bad. Anyway, my tea is steaming hot so I’m allowing it to simmer as I type out my truest sentiments for our beloved football team.

Guys, no one tells you how consistency can be tough but I took up this challenge to be consistent with my writing and I do not have any excuse to lay back. I’ll be using this series to jumpstart my consistency and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time.

Top squad

But friends, the Black Stars can really do better. It really baffles me how they put a “dada bee” attitude into something that’s meant to be tackled like a “street hustle”. I don’t even know how to describe this frustration boiling up within me, a sentiment most Ghanaians share in.

Dede Ayew, Thomas Partey, Benjamin Tetteh, Wakaso Mubarak, Jonathan Mensah and all the other players in the squad should try and exhibit team effort in order to put up a great show tomorrow. No long talk.

Team Ghana

Black Stars like gosh! I don’t even want to wear my sports journalism cap right now. However, permit me to say that your squad can really do better. We need you at the top of the league in your match with Comoros. Clearly, I may not understand the technicalities of the game but all we want is to scream “goaaaaaal!”. Is that too much to ask for?

I know a simple hashtag like #TeamGhana on Twitter is not going to score goals on the pitch but at least that should tell you that your people still have some little faith in you and that should spur you on to put out your best performance.

A charge to keep

Clearly our coach needs to also do much better. When Milovan Rajevac took over as coach of the senior national team, I’m pretty sure that among his several tasks, he signed up to lead Ghana to a fifth Africa Cup of Nations trophy. Therefore we expect him to lead the charge and show us what he’s really made of.

Before my tea goes cold let me quickly gulp it down my throat so that I can feel the burning sensation in my belly. Yeah! flat tummy goal is still in the pipeline. And as I have read, tea really helps to burn some fat in the stomach to help achieve a really flat tummy.


So while I was reflecting on everything that has happened around the AFCON, and with Ghana playing a match with Comoros, I really had to do this feature. So here is to throwing my support for the Ghana Black Stars and to wishing them all the best in the upcoming match.

Cheers to an amazing match yet to have been witnessed ever in the history of the AFCON. But before I burst my bubbles and to reiterate what I have saying since the match began, “May the Black Stars win or they will have to come home and re-register their SIM cards”.

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