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Signs Someone Is Good For Your Mental Health

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Signs Someone Is Good For Your Mental Health

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Relationships are supposed to be easy and should flow naturally. Great partners will always be good for your mental health as they will go every length just to be with you. These people will drop anything anytime just to be around you. For someone with dating anxiety, you really need people who give you the reassurance that being with them is for real and not another try-and-error. You mostly expect that everyone who you go on a date with should automatically fall in love with you and when it does not happen you can break down. So here are some telltale signs to tell if someone is good for your mental health and that you two will get along well.

No competition

There is no competition between the two of you. You are probably the best thing that happened to them and they are not going to mess that up. Only those who are adamant on the reality of losing you will always want to compete with you. Stay away from such people.

Best version

You feel like the best version of yourself around them, and that is how you will know. There is no need pretending to be someone else around them which is so important for your mental health. Have a daily dose of such people when you find them.

Respect boundaries

They always respect your boundaries and do not push their ideas and thought patterns on you. They know that every person needs space to be themselves and so they give you all the time in the world to bounce back to your authentic self. They will never force you to do anything outside of your will.

Ask questions

They ask you questions and want to know more about you. They are mostly open and honest with you and do not judge you. Asking you enough questions only shows their interest in getting to know you more. Thoughtful people are generally good for your mental health, never forget that.

Great listeners

They listen to you with empathy and without prejudice. Great partners who are good for your mental health are ready to listen to all your heartfelt conversations and give constructive feedback where need be. They are willing to be your go-to person who you can share all your secrets with without feeling judged.

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