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Personal Branding Tips and Benefits for Professionals

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Personal Branding Tips and Benefits for Professionals

Personal statements provide a brief description of a candidate or and individual describing their skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education and capabilities for consideration on a job or higher education.

The biggest advantages of personal statements are that you could share your personality or values with others.As a young graduate , this becomes your guide for career, relationships and personal goals. Here are a few Henry and important facts about personal statements.


It helps you set clear boundaries for your life and guides you to know what to accept or not. The words you write about yourself in a personal statement creates an impression in your mind and in the minds of the people who read it. Your written statement is what people will judge you by and expect that you behave toward achieving those ambitions. Certainly, it gives you feedback about yourself and tells you the values you hold in high esteem, as you find ways of making these words come to reality.


It gives you a focused version of your life’s missions and vision for the short, medium, and long term. For instance find two words that best describes you. Example is, writer and Go-getter. This means that your long term vision is to accomplish great strides as a writer and a go getter. These two words can translate into a meaningful personal statement which will guide you through job applications as well as grant and post graduate applications.

Career Guide

It is one tool for making tough and important decisions in one’s life. Personal statement makes you build your confidence as it guides you to select job offers which are mostly in line with your mission. For instance, let’s take a look at a personal statement like, “ My mission is to help others live the lives they could have lived if they only knew how”. This will align you to a career in counseling, career mentor ship and guidance, or even an educational consultant.

Favorite candidate

You know why most candidates do not secure the job of their choice? It is because they basically do not have a clear personal mission in mind or in writing. To be the favorite or most preferred candidate or employer is no mere accomplishment. It means that you are doing something right. And that is just what having a personal statement does for you.

Defined Career

If you want some of the best people with a clearly defined career path, it is definitely those with a personal statement at the back of their mind and written in their notepads. A clearly defined goal is only achievable when you know how best to describe yourself to a potential employer. What a perfect mission statement does is that it allows you to also think globally.

Here’s an exercise that can help. Google the most accomplished (your age group) individual who is (your gender) and find out who they are and what they do (your career goal). You can then learn a thing or two from their biographies and adjust your mission statement in line with what you learn from this exercise.

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